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OnkarMal Somani college
"Embrace knowledge, seize opportunities, and become leaders of tomorrow."

A place of learning, Discovery, Expression and Discourse

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Building sense of responsibility
A place where you can be big

We don’t just teach you what you need to know for your career – we help you find it.

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Learning Through Experimentation
"Devoted towards building better tomorrow"

Unlock Your Potential with Diverse Learning Opportunities at One Convenient Destination

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Creating memories, building skills
Every student needs more than study

Embrace your abilities, Educate yourself with a difference and unlock your true potential

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About Us

We, at Somani College offer supportive and inspirational environments for young inquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an learning academy focused on social-emotional development and early literacy and numeracy. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make their mark in the world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills that take them way ahead in the industry they may serve.

Vision & Mission

Empowering leaders through innovation, diversity, and excellence. Our college fosters a dynamic community committed to shaping a brighter future through education, collaboration, and integrity.

Academic Programs Overview

 The Somani College aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.

Under Graduate

"Embark on a transformative educational journey, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and career success, through our undergraduate programs."

Post Graduate

"Elevate your expertise with our specialized postgraduate programs, tailored for career advancement and cutting-edge proficiency."


We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

Dr. Ashwini Shah — Principal

Why Us ?

Global Perspective

At our college, we embrace a global perspective in education. Our interactive programs, exchange opportunities, and diverse student body enable students to gain a broader understanding of the world, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected global society.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Experience a world-class learning environment with modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, extensive libraries, and cutting-edge technology that empower students to excel in their studies.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

We take pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Our campus is home to various initiatives, clubs, and programs that actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and valued.

Academic Excellence

Our commitment to academic excellence shines through our renowned faculty members, exceptional student success rates, and a wide range of impressive academic programs that distinguish our institution.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Beyond academics, our college offers a plethora of extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports, volunteer opportunities, and internships. These experiences are designed to enrich students’ personal growth and development, creating well-rounded individuals.

Career Support

Our comprehensive career services are dedicated to student success. We provide extensive support, including internships, job placement assistance, resume workshops, and networking opportunities, all geared towards helping students thrive in their future careers.

Student Success Stories

Explore inspiring tales of our accomplished alumni who have achieved remarkable career milestones and attribute their success to the education they received at our college. These real-life success stories demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs and serve as a source of motivation for aspiring students.

What's Somani....

सोमानी कॉलेज के बी सी ए के विद्यार्थियों का शैक्षणिक भ्रमण

Industrial visit to Lucid Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. for BCA students was successfully conducted by Department of Computer Science...

Campus placement

महाविद्यालय के समस्त नियमित विद्यार्थियों को सूचित किया जाता है कि केंपस प्लेसमेंट एवं करियर काउंसलिंग सेल के अंतर्गत केंपस प्लेसमेंट में भाग लेने हेतु विद्यार्थियों से पंजीकरण फॉर्म आमंत्रित किया जा...

JNVU International conference

Institution of Evening Studies, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur is Organising an International conference from 5-7 January 2024 in Association with AIMT- USA & ABVV,Scholars of Science...

उच्च शिक्षा राजस्थान

मुख्यमंत्री ने दी स्वीकृति 4 निजी महाविद्यालय होंगे राजकीय महाविद्यालय में परिवर्तित जयपुर, 18 सितम्बर। मुख्यमंत्री श्री अशोक गहलोत ने राज्य के 4 निजी महाविद्यालयों को राजकीय महाविद्यालयों में...

Student Corner


Gallery at Glance

My years at Somani College have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The exposure makes you a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world.

Aditya Sharma HR

The high quality education which I got from some of the best faculties in Computer Science at Somani college helped me to crack many technical job interviews and written exams, currently I am working as Informatic Assistant, DoITc because of continuous help and support provided by faculties who inspired me to work hard

Vidhya Vyas Informatic Assistant - DoITC

I am very Thankful to the faculties of Computer Science Department as they are very much supportive, helpful and the Placement Cell which is also doing great job by arranging excellent placements of MNCs & good corporate exposure is given to students.

Ashish aswani Software Engineer - Paypal

The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberance. My first visit left me awestruck after looking at the infrastructure and maintenance of the college. The campus is full of limitless opportunities if you want to discover yourself. Besides that, this college gave me sweet memories, faithful friends and a sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in life.

Bharti Pal Data Engineer - Delloite
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"Somani is an institution that does more than educate – we create leaders!"

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